Internal Quality Assessment Cell (IQAC)

The IQAC of Jonai Girls’ College since its formation has been working tirelessly to enhance the overall quality development of the college by calling meetings at regular intervals and implementing the suggestions discussed therein. As a result the Committee, in its endeavor to invite NAAC, left no stone unturned and finally could send the Letter of Intent (LOI) in July 2014 and uploaded the IEQA on 31st Dec, 2014. Due to lack of proper infrastructure and facilities in the institution, NAAC wrote back to the concerned authorities of the college to look into certain suggestions provided by them.
The institution, having developed the required infrastructure as suggested by NAAC, has a new IQAC Committee which looks after the quality related matters pertaining to the development of the college.
The present Committee comprises of:
Committee Members
1. Chairperson: Mr. Khageswar Pegu, Principal i/c.
2. Coordinator: Dr. Jugendra Pegu, Asst. Professor of English.
Asst. Coordinator: Mr. Bhupen Ch. Pegu, Asst. Professor of Education.
3.Executive Members:
1. Mrs. Swapnali Kuli, Asst. Professor of Economics
2. Mr. Mohan Pegu, Asst. Professor of History
3. Mr. Indreswar Pegu, Asst. Professor of Sociology
4. Dr. Monu Bhujel, Asst. Professor of English
5. Mr. Sarbeswar Doley, Asst. Professor of Political Science
6. Mr. Moni Kr. Pegu, Asst. Professor of Philosophy
7. Mr. Raju Regan, Asst. Professor of Assamese.
8. Mr. Hiranya Pegu, Asst. Professor of Education
9.Administrative Officers: Mr. Monuranjan Payeng (ACS) & CO, Jonai Mr. Premnath Doley (BEEO i/c), Jonai
10.Members from Management: Dr. Harakanta Pegu, (Retired Principal & G. B. President, Jonai Girls’ College)
11.Nominees from Local Society: Mr. Naresh Kumbang (EC, Mising Autonomous Council)

The IQAC committee is working on the Self Study Report (SSR) at present and hopefully as per work and time plan, an attempt would be made to invite NAAC for Cycle 1 once the pandemic Covid-19 comes under control. The Institutional Information for Quality Assessment (IIQA) would be uploaded once the Committee comes up with the Self Study Report (SSR).